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Welcome to Plumli, a social media site created to help you connect with other women.
Connect with like-minded females, make friends, and schedule events with them, all in a fun, private environment.

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Who is Plumli for?

Plumli is for the socialite, adventurer, entrepreneur, new mom, new wife, or everyday superwoman.
This site is a must-use for as many reasons as there are women. For example, Plumli is great if ...’re new in town

It's not easy being the new girl. Meet local friends who can show you around, introduce you to others, and help get you plugged in to your new community. You’ll be calling your new town “home” in no time.’re in a new life stage

Life has different seasons, and when a new stage emerges, it's essential to have like-minded people to surround you. Through Plumli, you can connect with other first-time moms, empty-nesters, new entrepreneurs, newlyweds, newly-retired and so much more.’re turning over a new leaf

Your mother was right: You are who you hang out with. Are you looking to find new friends who better reflect your changing interests and life goals? Let us suggest new connections based on what you’re looking for in a friend.

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