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What is Plumli?

Plumli is a social network
unlike any other.

  • Facebook keeps you in touch with old friends
  • LinkedIn links you to professionals
  • Instagram lets you browse photos
  • Pinterest gives you inspiration
  • Plumli is your go-to spot to connect with women who share similar interests and a common location.

Plumli is designed to help women meet friends who share similar interests.

Did you relocate for a job and are looking for friends in your new city? Are you the first among your friends to have a baby and need some mommy friends? An empty-nester looking to find friends based on your interests instead of your kids' interests? Visiting a city and want to meet friends in that area?

Well, with just a few clicks, you can connect with like-minded women, build relationships, and schedule events with your new friends!

Curious about exactly how Plumli helps you make friends? Take a tour

How we got started.

Plumli was founded on the idea that while women love to do things together, making female friendships can become harder as your life changes. When turning over a new leaf – such as new job, different city, having children, finding a hobby, or beginning/ending of a relationship - you want to surround yourself with women who understand and support your journey, but how and where do you find them?

As a successful business woman who is always on the go and often traveling, Karla Hicks had a vision to bring likeminded women together whether it be at home or on the road. Dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, friend, entrepreneur and more, she wanted to find a way to easily manage her time to maintain these relationships as well as connecting with new women who were in a similar stage of life. Thus, plumli was born, an easy and safe way to meet women like you and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our team

Karla Hicks

Visionary and Founder

Karla Hicks passion in creating plumli, flows through an active social lifestyle, invested time in running successful business, and devotion to friends and family. Posed with the question of how to meet other ladies with similar interests, while keeping up with current ones, she realized the importance of her calendar and thought of an innovative way to schedule coffee dates, book clubs, business meetings, pampered chef parties, and the like. Karla knowledge in both leadership and teamwork are the perfect pairing for her new social network venture. When she has downtime from managing operations for not only plumli, but owning and operating Oak Knoll (Plumli Headquarters, concert/wedding venue, golf course, restaurant and bar) located in Salem Oregon; Karla enjoys spending time with her husband, her family and grand kids, laughing with friends over a nice meal, listening to music, or building a she-shed with her husband in the backyard of her pacific northwest home. While she may be considered a very busy women, karla says that, "Through plumli, there will always be enough time to connect with a friend."

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